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    There are 2 new Phones out on the market as of Feb.20th and I have yet to see any discussions about these phones.

    They both look to be good smart phones that are being offered by T-Mobile and I would like to see what peoples opinions of them are.

    I love the functions of the MDA and I would like to get one.

    Does anyone have any experience or advise on these phones?

    The only things I could find for negetives was the MDA appears to
    have a Cheesy plastic slide out mechanism that looks like it
    may break rather easy..

    and They are not G3...so the internet connection may be a bit sluggish!

    Any reviews or thougths here would be appreciated...



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    Plexus, the MDA's slide is amazing. Once you actually feel it in your hand you'll probably get more confident in it's durability. As for internet, both devices have GPRS, EDGE, and WiFi.

    A great thing is that T-Mobile currently gives ALL existing customers (contract customers only) free WiFi on the weekends.

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