so i upgraded to the 8125,last one in the store.salesman wasnt too familiar with it as he is going for his training tomorrow for it.anyway,i found that i couldnt call anyone or browse the internet with it.i call customer service(THEY WERE VERY HELPFUL)and i noticed that i wasnt getting a signal at all,no bars just 1 dot blibking to 2 dots and then 3 dots across,no tech support said that the guy put in a wrong sim card.i wasnt really watching him but from what i could gather,he took out my old sim and put it in the new phone.well,accoriding to the rep on the phone,you cant do that.but here i sit thinking,what does the sim card have to do with the signal strength?it was weird,i bought the phone and tried it in 3 different towns,all within 15 miles or wifes phone (cingular) had a great signal confused,does the sim card have any bearing on the signal strentgh?im going tomorrow to let them take care of it.i was told it was the salesmans mistake and there should be no charge.i hope this works out as im looking forward to using the phone.any thoughts or comments?thanks everyone.

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