Hello all.

Lets start with saying that i am a teenager and i have only had 2 cell phones so far. Please excuse me if i sound immature or something.

So my second phone contract is soon to end. i have been with T-Mobile for 3 years now. My family and i complain about the poor reception when standing anywhere in the house. Calls are constntly being cut off. So, we are going to switch to Cingular.

The Cingular 2125 SmartPhone is $49.99 and i want to buy this phone because...

1. The price is very reasonable A/R.

2. The phone can be connected to the computer with a mini usb cable.

3. It can play back music and videos with Windows Media Player 10.

4. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera with video recording function.

5. The screen is fairly large.

6. By what i have read, when the phone is connected to a computer you can access the internet on the phone.

The reason why these reasons are reasonable for me is for the 1st one i dont have a job and i have to pay for the phone since i could have a free phone if i cant pay for it. The 2nd is good because then i dont have to pay text messaging fees to send files to the phone. The 3rd is good because i dont always remember to bring my iPod, and with a converter i can plug in a regular set of headphones or use a included set of 2.5 mm headphones. And i have an iPod nano so i cant play videos. The 4th is good because my camera is fairly large and i dont carry it around a lot, and i have read that the phone takes reasonable 4x6 photos and videos are good. I suppose there is no need to explain the 5th one. And the 6th is good because i stay up late on the computer and it would be easier if i could plug in the phone and bring it to bed with me even maybe upgrade to bluetooth connection to my computer and plug in the phone connector and use it like wireless internet cafe on my phone.

so, i am wondering what accessories and stuff will i want that are not included in the box,such as cases or car chargers or cables or memory cards i hear it takes mini SD what size memory should i buy. my music collection isnt anymore than 300 mb and i have maybe 40 mb in videos that i made and extra room for pics and videos that i take i supose maybe 1 gig maybe too much?

thanks for any help people!

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