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    I have one of these through alltel I got last tuhursday and its seems to be gettin carppy battery life,what are you averaging on yours? I love this phone and utstarcom(the maker) told me I had to discharge and recharge the battery a few times to get it to perform as designed is this true? If not I'am going to alltel to have the battery replaced under warrenty. Please chime i with your experiance of the battery life on this smartphone thanks.

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    Re: Alltel PPC-6700 users,what are you getting for battery life?

    I have had the PPC6700 and Alltel Service for atleast 6 months now. I have tweaked mine pretty good. I have my screen on the second to lowest setting for brightness and set to go off after about 60 seconds. I could probably save some more power by turning it to 30 but that gets annoying for me.

    It really depends on how much I use it but If I am on a full charge, I usually have to replace the battery by the afternoon. This is mainly using txt and some email and not really any internet.

    If I use the internet and the wireless dial up, it eats it pretty fast.

    WI-FI was so bad that I disabled that. I have the EVDO in my area anyhow so WI-FI isn't a big deal for me.

    Another big factor is how often you set the email to check. You can set it to check when items arrive but when I do that I miss calls ..It's bugged for me and 3 others I work with. UTSTARCOM said it wasn't a software problem but I'd beg to differ since all of our phones do this So...I have my phone set to check every 15 minutes for email. Again setting this to 30 minutes would help a lot but I can't wait that long. 15 minutes is bad enough.

    The best thing I can recommend is purchasing a spare battery and using the docking station. If your quick enough, you can plug the USB into the phone and swap batteries without losing power. Works for me alteast.

    With the spare battery it's not really a problem. I even keep a spare at home incase I make it through the afternoon without changing my battery and then go home only to find out my battery is about dead

    Even with the crappy battery life, I love the phone

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Alltel PPC-6700 users,what are you getting for battery life?

    must say that this was the WORST pda phone i have ever had and switched it for a 650 and wa sin heaven until i was made to switch back to windows..

    the 6700 i had would not last more than 2 hours..

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