I have had my Razr For a while now and I am looking for a new phone.
I have looked at most the Smart phones like the blackberrys and side kick but I like the way the MDA navigates and the wi-fi is nice.

I have a few question if you guys could help:

1st. Do I have to pay for the data plan to get acess to the Internet or does the WiFi work like a Laptop and is free as long as the connection is free.

2nd. How does the MDA perform as far as speed and glitch free or any thing else worth knowing about it.

3rd. I have another year on my contract before I can get the extra rebates and stuff so i was planing on buying from eBay. Im not sure if i sould get an unlocked T-Mobile eBay: New Unlocked T-Mobile MDA PDA Cell Phone & BOUNS (item 230066043657 end time Dec-21-06 19:45:49 PST) or a the tmobile one like this eBay: T-MOBILE MDA POCKET PC CELL PHONE BRAND NEW IN BOX (item 330063516297 end time Dec-22-06 11:21:21 PST)
Will they both work if i switch out my sim card?

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