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    I am interested in getting the MDA for T-mobile. I want to text message, browse the internet without too much hassle, and I don't talk on the phone a lot. Do I have to pay the extra 29.99 a month just to browse the internet? Can I buy an MDA with a normal voice plan and then use my minutes for browsing the net? The sales clerk at a T-mobile store I went to tried to tell me the Unlimited web access was required for the MDA but that doesn't make sense. My Verizon Motorola V-265 lets me browse the web for only $6 a month or so and uses my minutes but the screen is so small I can't view too much. Any help sorting the MDA out? I like it, I just don't wan't to spend $80 a month on my cellphone

    I think I've found the info I need:
    T-Mobile's T-MobileWeb / TMobileWeb / T-Zones on your PocketPC, Smartphone, Blackberry, or PDA - Gruups.com
    MDA and T-Zone TMobileWeb - T-Mobile Talk Forum - Mobiledia
    Looks like the answer is yes but complicated. I don't think I'm getting a MDA

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    Re: T mobile MDA and internet access

    I had an MDA, It was very nice, but in order to surf I had to use the Unlimited Internet Plan. T-Zones would not work with the MDA. This was true for myself and a friend that also bought the MDA.

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