I have T-mobile in US and DO NOT have their $29.99/mo data/internet pkg.
(I used to have the pkg, but canceled 3 mos ago)

I am still able to browse to websites using MDA itself.

In addition, I am able to use MDA as a modem hooked up to my laptop for internet access. This works and I've got speeds of around 150 kbps.

Now, here's my question:

Will T-mobile charge me a per minute charge for using the internet (either via handset or using it as modem) ?

I asked T-mobile this question 2 times - first time, I called them and the rep wasn't able to find a per min cost. 2nd time, I e-mailed support - and the told me it is not possible to access internet WITHOUT $29.99 data plan.

So...I'm not complaining if it's free - but, I also would like to hear from you all to see if they're gonna stick me with a $500 bill next month

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