Hello and here's my story: Cingular was kind enough to provide me with the unlock code for my HTC 8525. The instructions said to put a non-Cingular SIM in the phone, boot up, and enter the unlock code at the prompt. So I put a T-Mo prepaid SIM in the phone, The phone boots up perfectly with the T-Mo SIM and my Today page comes up as usual. But the unlock prompt does not appear. And if I go to phone options or settings, it gives me the message "phone not ready, please wait 15 seconds". With the T-Mo SIM my phone will not make calls even after waiting the 15 seconds. T-Mo has a strong signal where I am so that can't be the problem.

- What do you suppose is going on with my phone?
- Where do you put an unlock code?
- Is my phone actually unlocked from the start and Cingular is having a laugh at my expense?
- If so, my phone settings are inaccessible with the non-Cingular SIM.

I would really appreciate your help here!

Thanks a million

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