Hello...here's a funky one that Cingular suggested I post on the forum.

Brief history...I've had this 8125 for about 15 months (read: no warranty). After a trip to Mexico where I was unable to charge my phone (forgot the charger and couldn't charge via USB once the battery was completely dead) and after enduring a very humid week, I came home and put my phone on the charger. It charged fine, but now the buttons either don't work anymore, or they do something completely different than what they're mapped for (with the exception of two buttons). The keyboard is also not working, although the screen does change when it's opened.

What's really weird, though, is that turning on the camera or pressing the button that pulls up the internet puts everything back to normal...but only for a little while or until I hit the power button (which brings the phone back from hibernation and also brings it to the messaging screen).

I've done a hard reset and updated the software and firmware, but I'm still having the same issues.

Any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance,


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