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    Amazon the best place to buy an AT&T HTC Tilt??

    hi, i was wondering what you guys thought of the tilt, and where the best place to buy it is?

    i found it the cheapest at amazon. i'm upgrading (i'm in a family plan if that matters), so what are the other plans i should get with it?

    also, does this phone only come in black? because i want the one with the black casing, and i heard that's all they made but amazon shows it with a silver casing, is that a mistake?

    please check amazon for reference, i cannot post links atm

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    Re: Amazon the best place to buy an AT&T HTC Tilt??

    You can find user feedback at sites like Phonescoop, Mobiledia, or CNET for the Tilt.

    Get an unlimited data plan if you don't want any extra charges per kb. Check at&t's website for the different plans and info.

    There is only one color for the Tilt/8925 provided by at&t. Silver for the front, black for the rest of the housing.
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