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    is there a program I can download that will allow me to do that on my Wing? I got banned from a forum and I have NO IDEA why, so I can't view the forums now but I want to be able to get back in. if anyone knows anything I can run that will "change" my ip on the net I wud greatly appreciate any help.

    See More: Mask/spoof/change IP address ?
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    Re: Mask/spoof/change IP address ?

    If you use Edge, your IP will change every time you reconnect to the edge network, however there is a Unique ID transmitted from IE that they can track you by regardless of your IP. If you are using a WiFi network, you would need to change the WiFi settings and depending on the DHCP server, you may not be able to change your IP willingly.

    Edit: I will point out though that I -DO NOT- advocate evasion of any bans or restrictions. You are much better off attempting to contact the admin and find out why you were banned and see if the issue can be resolved, rather than trying to evade the ban.
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