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    I just bought it, switched from a rizr3 so I got a few questions.

    1. How do you set custom ring tones. solved
    2. How do you set wallpaper. solved
    3. How do you add music to play from the memory stick.
    4. Does adding a new memory stick make it faster?
    5. Can I make the vibration more.... subtle?
    6. What is "Beam" in the communication manager
    7. What can I delete to free up some space?

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    Re: T-mobile dash questions

    Also, does anyone know a good place to get an easy to use theme ( or at least change the color ) I find the default blue theme PERFECT... except the big blue bar.. I wish it were transparent

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    Re: T-mobile dash questions

    3: Can't help.
    4: No. It's just storage memory, not program memory.
    5: Sadly, no. Padding maybe?
    6: "Beaming" is sending a file via a quick Bluetooth interface option. If beaming is enabled, other people can attempt to beam a file to you and vice versa.
    7: I'll give the generic answer: Anything you don't need. Remember: A factory (hard) reset will always undo anything you mess up (Just be sure to keep the data synced!)

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    Re: T-mobile dash questions

    Question numero tres

    If you have music on your storage card just
    1. go to windows media player
    2. click menu
    3. click library
    4. and it should let you pick between my device and storage card, click storage card.

    Now when you go to my music is should have the list of audio you have on your card

    Everytime you add a new song to your card or device you need to make sure to go to menu and click update library so it'll add it.

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    Re: T-mobile dash questions

    ya, ive done all of that, but when I play the music in media player, there's no sound at all.. volume is all da way up..
    I was thinking mayb its cuz of the ROM on the phone.
    i dunno wat to do..
    plz help

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