1. Whenever I get a text message my T-Dash plays the WHOLE music clip of a song. Is there any way I can set it up so that it'll turn off when I read it?

2. Is there a limit to the amount of custom ringtones you can have?

I have like 40 but only about half show up on the myfaves profile ringtone options and only some show up on ringtone sound settings all show up on the phone call sound settings....just wondering..

3. Also sometimes a "notification error" will pop up saying "cannot execute clocknot.exe" or "conmgr.exe" or "repllog.exe" what does that mean?

4. Is there a freeware sticky list somewhere on this site for smartphone/dash stuff?

I need a new IM that doesn't use texts since Slick msnger keeps giving me "auth failed.socker error host not found. error number 1101."

5. Does tmobile use up texts for the instant messaging program the dash came with?

6. Does anyone know of a video converter?

7. I've also wondered, why I can't watch videos (youtube) from the net? which program would that be? lol

8. Has anyone used SKTools? Which stuff is safe to delete? the last time i used it i ended up messing up my phone and reseting it....

9. Also I've used "pocketnes" and sometimes some keys don't work for a few games, did i mess up?

Well sorry this post is so long, just thought i might ask everything at once; thats my life story haha hopefully someone can help

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