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    The all new announced HTC Touch HD,gr8 fon 4m any point of View.Love all the features..Specially the 3.5 MM jack.Hopefully it will serve the best sound output..But review sites like GSMarena,GSMprofile lacks one important info.What is the highest memory capacity for HTC Touch HD..?

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    Re: HTC Touch HD...Memory Capacity..?

    it must be 8gb on sd.

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    Re: HTC Touch HD...Memory Capacity..?


    I have found a very detailed review here after bit of googling. It says it is up to 32 GB with SD 2.0. expansion card. Cool, isn't it? !!!

    If you want to see the review then click below

    Elite-Electronix - HTC Touch HD - unlocked

    Hope you like the review

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    Re: HTC Touch HD...Memory Capacity..?

    While 32GB is the current maximum that systems designed to read off a MicroSD slot will support, there are no MicroSD cards that large currently. 16GB MicroSD cards came out barely about a month or so ago and 8GB are still the "magic" price point.

    On top of this, 32GB does not appear to be the limit of SDHC, as SanDisk has plans to release 128GB MicroSD cards by 2011 (somehow I have a hard time believing they will get that large in a mere 2 or so years but you never know).

    Hopefully the 32GB limit is just a software restriction at this point as no current phone OS believes that it will hit 64GB cards before its time to upgrade, my old ATt 8525 phone could only suport up to 2GB MicroSD cards until an update from Windows Mobile 5.0 to 6.0 made it compatible with up to 32GB MicroSDHC cards.

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