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    Everything about the Touch HD I absolutely LOVE, the memory, cpu power, WVGA SCREEN!

    But there is one thing I refuse to not have in a PocketPC phone..... a qwerty keyboard. (Not too crazy about lack of d-pad either)

    Nearly every touch phone os far seems to have been followed up with a keyboard version.

    However, its been a long time now and there has been no mention of the equivelent of a Touch HD with a keyboard.

    Even worse...... The Touch HD has been confirmed to NOT come out in the US. HTC said by the time all the legal red tape is sourted out it will be years and they will hve something much better by then.

    So.... what do you think the chances are of HTC releasing a version of their Touch HD with a keyboard? And if they do, of it coming out in the US, especially considering how the Touch HD will not be?

    See More: How likely will the "HTC Touch Pro HD" will be released in the US in the near future?
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    Re: How likely will the "HTC Touch Pro HD" will be released in the US in the near future?

    i think in the future,people will not press the keyboard,just make the phone or computer know what you are going to talk or write,they can understand our meaning and send the information to others...maybe we don't work in the company,and just in our house..anything would happen

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