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    My HTC touch that i got from my friend
    keeps on logging onto EDGE
    does anybody know how to stop it from doing that
    plz help cuz my phone bill went to 200 dollars becuase of it


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    Re: HTC Touch EDGe Help!!!!!!

    Ouch, that sounds like a seriously inflated cell bill. I don't know for sure how to quit the phone from logging onto EDGE but I do have a suggestion for how to deal with the bills and stop getting charged for services that you do not want and are not using. Probably the most effective strategy I've found is saving me around $230 per year off my original cell bill (which equates to roughly a free month of cell service for me every year). To do this, I used a website called fixmycellbill (by a company called Validas) where you upload your online bill which is analyzed to determine how much money you could be saving on your plan. Up to this point everything is free. If you choose, for a nominal fee of $5, Validas provides a highly detailed and personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes to your plan. This is how those unnecessary charges on your bill for features like EDGE that you don't want would be specifically analyzed and addressed. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill (apparently the average customer saves $491 annually through Validas), this obviously provides a cost effective remedy for reducing cellular expenses.

    I was actually so impressed by Validas that I got a job there when the opportunity arose. It's a great company that is rapidly becoming considered a top advocate for the wireless customer. Check out a profile of Validas on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch at the cnbc website. Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should check out this service. It worked for me and I bet it would work for you. Let me know how everything turns out with getting your wireless bills on the right track.

    Best of luck,


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