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    It's been known that HTC got some help from the San Francisco-based One & Co in designing its beautiful, WinMo TouchFLO 3D user interface along with the Touch Diamond on which it premiered; HTC liked the outcome so much that it's grabbing the privately-held firm right off the market. One & Co's expertise isn't limited to just phones -- its clients range from Coca-Cola to Adidas, Dell, and Palm. HTC has decided that the change won't be the end of the design consultancy, so if you were hoping to get your hands on an HTC-designed K2 snowboard, you may just be in luck. We're told that the injection of fresh thought that found its way into the Diamond will ultimately filter its way through HTC's entire lineup, which we're taking to mean Android- and WinMo-based devices alike. For more info check out: Engadget Mobile

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