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    Im currently looking for a new Smartphone and i am a Alltel customer. Now i thought i would just wait until Alltel switches to Verizon but where i live (South Dakota) will not be affected by Verizon buying out Alltel. I found that out byi a letter in the mail today saying i will remain with Alltel, which to me doesnt make sense as Verizon bought all of Alltel.

    But anyways, I'm looking for a Smartphone on Alltel and right now they don't have any that interest me. And while searching on the web, I found pictures of the "supposedly" whole 2009 Smartphone lineup for HTC. So do you think that any of the new HTC Smartphones for 2009 will released for Alltel?

    Thank You

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    Re: Alltell and HTC in 2009

    don't know, but it would be sweet to see the HTC touch HD within the next few months

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