Well I just got a Qtek S200, at the begiging I loved the phone.. I still love it but just came out with some issues. I want to discuss them here, I am sure they can be solved as they are not very big, may be the solution might not be so simple but I think they can still be fixed.

As my device have an internal memory which is not in GB'z ...

Stokage : 42.55MB and Porgrams : 44.01 MB

This is the total memory it shows up, and now the free memory is here :

Stokage : 33.93 and Programs : 22.19

It's on default start of device without any software launched. Device comes with Windows Mobile 5.x

Now , I understand what this stokage memory is , and the solution is store all the data on your Memory card, or as more as you can, such as games, software (install them on memory card).

Now the only problem is Program memory, which is RAM memory in normal Pc "if I am not mistaken".

Now, I tried to install some software such as skyfire browser, music player...

They installed successfully as I installed them on the Memory card, but after, when I launch them, they give a Memory full error, which is for sure the Program memory full error.

Now I need the solution to this problem, What I want is that my memory card to be used as Programs memory, when they are launched, their data, cache and all stuff is on my memory card, not internal memory of my mobile.

Well, may be this is not possible, but I am sure it's 2009 and some thing can be done...!

The technology , software and applications can do a lot of things and this is just a simple problem...

Well, Please tell me a solution, if the solution is some thing that can be done in this Windows OS 5.x for Mobile, I will do it , even if I have to change the version or even OS, I am ready to do, but I need a solution..

Please help me, I am looking forward to get the help from experts here,

Thanks a lot,

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