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    Does anybody have one of these yet? I need to know two things. First, does it have a flight/airplane mode where you can turn off the wireless features so that you could use the other features while in flight?

    Also, it says that there is no headset jack. But, there is a headphone jack, right? Also, what size is the headphone jack?

    This phone is looking nice, but I need to make a final decision soon. If anybody has an Ozone, I might have a couple of other questions as well.


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    Re: HTC Ozone

    Well, I spoke with HTC and with Verizon. It does have an airplane/flight mode.

    I also dug up info on the headphone/set issue. Apparently headphones can only be used via a USB adapter. That's rough, but it does seem like a very nice phone for $50 (with contract).

    However, I also realized that I had to get a data plan and how much that would cost me per month. So, it's definitely a no go for me. I went with an LG Env2 instead. I had thought that maybe I could just use the wifi at times for internet and not get a data plan. Maybe I'll look at it again in the future when I have more money and more of a need for mobile internet/data.

    And, yes, I'm talking to myself. I figured I'd leave the info in case anybody else is researching this phone in the future.

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    Re: HTC Ozone

    you can usually find a usb to standard 3.5mm adapter for HTC phones pretty cheap. I had to do that for my Moto SLVR too.

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    Re: HTC Ozone

    Quote Originally Posted by tfieldho View Post
    you can usually find a usb to standard 3.5mm adapter for HTC phones pretty cheap.
    They include the adapter with the phone, from what I've been seeing lately. Most new HTC phones will have that 3.5mm jack though.

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