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    Hi, just bought the SPV E650 (which is a HTC i believe, so i hope i'm in the right forum!).

    Just a few questions though:

    It runs WM6

    1) How do you get quick access to texts ?. I have to go through the menus then go to a "tree view" to select whether i want to look at "sent" items, "inbox" items etc, it would be a lot easier to be able to flick through "sent items", "inbox" etc through the scroll wheel.

    2) I want to be able to set an mp3 tone to text tone, how do i do this ??. I can set an mp3 to the ringtone, but i cannot set it to an incoming text tone.

    3) I cannot install anything on the phone. It comes up with errors, mostly relating to something to the effect of "You need .Net Framework compact" or something. Where do i get that from, and do i install it through active-synch ?

    I have tried to do the Windows Update on it to see if gets the Net Framework for me (Start - Settings - Windows Update), but i constantly get "Connection to update Server was not available. Check your data connections........". But i can connect to the net through WiFi, so i'm not sure why i cannot here.

    4) How can i ensure that i am not accessing the net in any other way apart from WiFi (i'm charged an extortionate amount for accessing the net through my phone's normal connection !) ????. If i am connected to WiFi does that automatically override any internet connection through Orange WAP ?. This is REALLY important as i don't want to be charged for my internet connection on my E650, i want to connect through WiFi ONLY.

    Is there a way to turn off the native Orange WAP facility in my E650 for peace of mind (so i know i could never accidentally connect to the net and be charged?)

    Sorry for all the questions !


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