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    "Is their any reliable free mobile backup service for windows mobile ? It should work on version 5.0 as well. I am looking for a tried and tested solution."

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    Re: Backup needed

    There should be a 5-backup only free trial available for Spb:
    You may try.

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    Re: Backup needed

    Are you looking for being able to backup wirelessly? If you are looking for one that works on the phone (and exports to the internal storage or storage card) a great freeware solution use PIM Backup. You can find it with an easy Google Search. Look for PIM Backup and Dotfred. Works with older versions of windows mobile, and has very extensive backup options, and is easy to use. It's a standard amoing heavy Windows Mobile users.

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    Re: Backup needed

    For basic backup - Microsoft MyMobile is pretty awesome. It backs up whatever you choose- contacts, calender, my documents, pictures, etc. and can even back up things you want backed up from your SD card (though I don't recommend that option as it'll eat all your mymobile storage space!) and can sync whenever you choose- either manual or at a preset time. It only syncs the things that are changed- (add/delete/change) so doesn't take forever and is quiet in the background (not a memory hog).

    It restores the essentials at least. It does NOT restore your entire phone (not a full phone setting back-up). so is handy after a hard reset for PIM and such.

    Not enough posts to link- just google Microsoft MyMobile.

    btw- for full phone back up I use SPB backup which is $ software but is the best out there (IMO)
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