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    We've heard of the possibility of The HTC Touch Pro2 and the HTC Snap smartphones getting the Windows Mobile 6.5 but never got an official word of when. It's finally confirmed that both these phones can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5. But, there may be some delays to the upgrade depending on where you purchased your HTC Touch Pro2 and Snap. The things that may be standing in your way in upgrading could be due to the carrier or phone locking that will prevent you from immediately getting the upgrade. Call your customer service and do a little complaining on getting the Windows Mobile 6.5 since both phones are upgradeable for this.

    via: Smartphone Thoughts: HTC Releases Windows Mobile 6.5 Software Updates for Touch Pro2 and Snap

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    Re: HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Snap getting Windows Mobile 6.5

    FYI, the download page is here: ROM Upgrade (WM6.5) for HTC Touch Pro2 (WWE)

    When I try to do this for the Verizon model I have it gives me this error: "Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device."

    It looks like it may only be for Europe versions. booo

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