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    I have had the phone for a few months and everything has been great, best phone I've ever bought. Then today my battery dies (typical happening) and when i charge it back up and turn it on, no service!! so I go to wireless settings to turn on the network and every time I try to select wireless settings it comes up with a force close pop up and I can't get to it.

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    Re: Problem with HTC Droid Eris

    Well, this could be a device (hardware) issue which means that the phone may be bad. Sometimes, the problem can simply be a temporary malfunction (which is common in Android devices).

    To try and solve the issue:

    1. Pull out the battery from your cell phone. Keep it out for 30 seconds.

    2. Replace battery and power on device.

    Is the problem fixed? If not, contact Verizon Wireless and they'll assist you set the device to the default day opened settings, which can fix the issue. If that doesn't help, they may just replace the device.
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