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    im in need of a new smartphone, and i have been thinking of buying the Hero since it costs somewhat cheap and almost all the reviews said that its a really good phone, moreover, it looks good.
    but some say that its a bit old, and that new phones are really close to get released so i better wait a bit more and get the new ones.
    is it a bad/late time to buy a Hero? what do u think of the phone in general? are there enough apps (compared to the iphone)?
    or should i want more time and get the new ones? if yes, then is tehre an idea of how much they gonna cost? cuz im not willing to spend much on a phone.

    or should i forget all this and just get an IPhone 3G (not the 3gs cuz it costs a lot)?!?!

    any help would be very appreciated.

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    Re: Should i buy Hero or not?!

    I have a TP2 with a custom rom (MightRom) and I love it. I think the Hero is a good phone, but I like have a keyboard.

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