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    HTC myTouch 3G Fender

    I really hoping someone has a fix for my situation. I recently bought a T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition on Ebay with the expectation I could find a service provider in Canada.
    I got the phone unlocked and set up an account with Rogers Wireless. After installing the sim card, the myTouch would recognize Rogers as an available roaming service provider, was showing signal strength but I could not get beyond the Android welcome screen or do anything besides (apparently) being able to make emergency calls.

    The Sim works no problem when put into a Rogers phone.

    Am I overlooking something obvious to you folks or will this phone just not work in Canada? I'm REALLY hoping it's the first because I like this phone a lot and would love to have it operational.

    Any advice would be most welcome.


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    Re: Dazed and Confused

    You have to get it unlocked. Call T-Mobile and give them the IMEI number and they should be able to give you an unlock code for it. If not there are services on the net that will give you an unlock code for a small fee.

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    Re: Dazed and Confused

    Thanks Niko!

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