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    HTC may be on its way in developing its own mobile OS. According to Bloomberg, HTC CFO Cheng Hui-ming recently declared that the Taiwanese company “continues to assess” having its own OS, which would require “a few conditions to justify.” What these conditions are, Mr. Hui-ming didn’t say.

    This would mean that HTC will no longer have to depend on Microsoft or Google, or at least become less dependent upon the two. Sense UI is featured on a lot of Windows Mobile and Android Smartphones and could very well be HTC's next move when developing its own mobile OS.

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    Re: HTC to develop its own mobile OS

    I think that's great
    I hope someday they will overcome Apple, they have to potential to do so.

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    Re: HTC to develop its own mobile OS

    I don't know if its a good idea in this time... Google Android is growing fast, is too much risky try to compete Google this time.

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