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    In April 2009 I left a HTC Touch on technical assistance, and could take only three months later.
    Promised me a new unit by the time he was in attendance, but then found that by changing just the board. Then, after complaint, told me that "I had signed the term in the withdrawal." That is now my problem!
    In October 2009 I left the unit in service again, because it presents more problems. I removed the device on 30/03/10.

    The device malfunctioned again, and now in the 4003-0482 phone could not open in OS security, and the attendant Wellington Bolog warranty claims that one begins from the date of YOUR & OFFERS # 199; ON-collection station, which contradicts the law. The law says that one begins to have a guarantee the product after use, ie, after removing the store or service center. Of course, as a product may be running without the guarantee be in use? This shows, even the bad faith of the support HTC.
    As if that was not enough ALL previous disorders.
    Now I'm not so worried about the device, but have relied on one company that used this confidence to my own benefit.

    I can only use the services of my lawyer, the press and the Internet to solve the problem and for society to become aware of the poor quality of the HTC support and risk in purchasing products of this company beyond the time wasted trying to use a cell phone conveniently from more than $ 1,500.00.

    In short, my patience is over.

    Roberto de Andrade

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    Re: Htc - problems

    this mobile is a........ =S

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