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    Ok so I was playing on the computer and my phone died while I was texting. I was too busy on the computer so I didnt get to plug my phone in until about an hour after it died. When I plugged it in it indicated that it was charging and so i tried to turn it on, but it would just stay on the white screen with the skateboarding robots on it. It wouldnt proceed to turn on so i removed the battery and let it cool. I checked if it has water damage and again it doesn't so i just let it charge all of the way. It is still doing this after it is completely charged . Can anyone help?

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    Re: My droid eris is messed up!!

    How old is it? - the Eris has a one year factory warranty, take it to your local Verizon store or call CS.
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    Re: My droid eris is messed up!!

    Yup, check if its still under warranty.. If its not you may want to reset it.

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