Hello, I am a soldier stationed in Germany. I currently have an iPhone using T-Mobile(the German counterpart, obviously), and, quite frankly, I hate the iPhone. I do have 3g service where I am and it works okay (not as good as EVDO when I used to have my Sprint PPC6800). I want to get a Touch Pro 2 and plan on getting a US Version and using it over here. I have a few questions however:

1. Is the SIM card compatible between my iPhone and the TP2? Somebody said that the new HTC phones use the MicroSim, but I doubt this. Are all SIM cards created equal or will I have compatibility issues?

2. Will I have 3g capabilities? I have read elsewhere that the TP2 is only 3G capable in the US. Is there any truth to this, or will I be able to us 3G here in Germany. Like I said, I have great 3G coverage with my iPhone. I emailed HTC customer support and they said something to the effect of: We cannot guarantee 3G coverage overseas because of different frequencies and blah blah blah.

3. Is "unlocking" the phone required? I would be buying a US version T-mobile TP2. I have heard that unlocking is required to use with any other provider, but then I also heard that it is not required for use with the international GSM networks.

Thanks in advance,

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