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    A 3D Android smartphone may be on its way next year from HTC. If this is true, the HTC Android smartphone will be amongst the first to launch a 3D display. According to Techradar, some HTC insider had said that they "claim that we might see a 3D display sometime next year."

    HTC is already in the process of finding engineers that are familiar with working and creating 3D display and imaging technologies and multiple display technologies. It was just this year when Samsung introduced a 3D handset in South Korea, SCH-W960 which means that Samsung may be on its way of launching a 3D smartphone before HTC.

    via: 3D Android smartphone from HTC arriving next year? » Unwired View

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    Re: HTC to launch a 3D display smartphone sometime next year

    There is a company called mufin which has just published a 3D music interface calles mufin vision. You are able to surf through your music library pictured as a universe. It is free on I think that this 3D thing will be developed more and more in the next years and I am really interested to see what comes next. I think the android is on a good way.

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