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    There's been some rumors going around that HTC may be coming out with not only one but possibly two Facebook branded phones. BGR has heard from a source, that is in a focus group, that the Facebook phone will have location aware coupons. In other words, when you are near a grocery store, coupons will instantly be sent to your phone according to what interests you had picked.

    This handset will not have much local storage space but will have a GPS service that will run in the background. Most of the data, media and content will run mainly from 'the cloud' in which will be synced with 'the cloud'. The pictures that you take with this phone will automatically be uploaded to 'the cloud'.

    A notification system, which is news related, will be delivered into on inbox in where it is sorted and unfiltered. This system will allow you to see the content of the message.

    via: Facebook cloud phone features detailed Unwired View

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