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    Customers in the UK may be waiting for the HTC Sensation, which is a dual core Android handset, but may be wondering what the price of the handset will cost them. We finally got info on the price and according to, the HTC Sensation will be priced at 499.99.

    Pre-orders are already being taken over at and the price of the handset will get you a SIM free smartphone. The price may be a little steep, but as with some pre-orders, that price may not be locked as the final price. This price for the HTC Sensation will be one of UK's most expensive smartphones. Let's hope that the price drops before the smartphone is stocked.

    And for those who don't want to shell out that kind of money, you can always wait until a carrier picks up the smartphone and opt for one of their plans that will make the HTC Sensation cheaper or maybe free on select contracts.

    The HTC Sensation is said to begin shipping on June 30 over at

    via: HTC Sensation priced up SIM free 499.99

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