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    I'm with T-Mobile and am up for a new phone soon. I'd love to get an HTC but they only offer 2 options: the HD7 and the Sensation. I'd get the HD7, as it is a lower price, but I have heard bad things about the Microsoft operating system. Is the Sensation good enough to make the extra money worth it? What are the major differences in the two?

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    Re: Which Phone?

    I personally have the hd7, and I think it is fantastic! Although yes it does have a Microsoft O.S, you'd be surprised at how simple and fast it works. It also has the best browser for a phone I have seen (internet explorer) so web pages hardly ever have problems loading if ever. It even integrates tons of social media like Facebook, Xbox live, twitter, etc directly to your phone and all your contacts! The 5.0 megapixel camera is pretty nice, too :]
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    Re: Which Phone?

    Sensation is simply sensational and like HTC itself, "Quietly Brilliant". choose it if you have not done so already.

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