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    The HTC Sense will be classified as a new user interface in the market, so don't search for it somewhere else. One of the biggest downsides to it is that it is not compatible with older HTC phones, which means if you're a Nexus One user, interested in more functions for smart phones .you can either wait for them to make it compatible, or buy the new HTC Desire.
    The new app for HTC Sense - HTC News, gives people all the news updates you can hope for. There is a home screen for all RSS feeds. Opening it will show you all you have subscribed for, listing all the latest feeds in them. You can even save a feed for offline viewing at your own comfort. Each news feed generally comes with a photo. You can subscribe to a new feed or cancel subscription any time you like to

    See More: HTC Sense Gives People The News Updates
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