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    AT&T will soon see the launch of HTC's first 10 inch Android tablet, the HTC Puccini, which will undergo the AT&T name of HTC Jetstream. For the launch of the HTC Puccini that is not AT&T, it is unknown as what brand name the tablet will go by or if it will even undergo a name change.

    The launch date of the HTC Jetstream for AT&T is set for either September or October and will launch with 4G (LTE) support as well as a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, an 8MP camera, dual speakers and a digital pen.

    At this time, a price for the HTC Jetstream Android tablet has not been mentioned.

    via: HTC Puccini tablet will be sold by AT&T as the HTC Jetstream Unwired View

    See More: HTC Pucinni Android tablet launching with AT&T as HTC Jetstream
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