• Rotate the screen Turn the device up or down, side to side to adjust the viewing angle. Landscape view will activate when held sideways; portrait when held like a traditional phone.

  • Zoom in/out on a webpage Use two fingers and pretend you are pinching the phone. Pinch inwards to zoom in, pinch outwards (or move your fingers away from one another) to zoom out.

  • Create a bookmark When surfing the page to be bookmarked, press the 'Menu' key followed by tapping 'Add Bookmark'.

  • Switch/close browser windows Pinch the screen, which will allow you to alternate between different browser windows that are open. This will also allow you to close out of any window by selecing the 'X' feature on each window.

  • Access the browser When on the home screen, select 'All Apps' followed by 'Internet'.


  • Access text messages When on the home screen, select 'All Apps' followed by 'Messages'.

  • Create message Open 'Messages' and then select 'Compose' (pencil button in top-right corner).

  • Attach a picture to a message Select the 'Attach' button (paperclip button). Select picture from the menu.

  • Reply to a message Tap on the pertaining message thread and tap in the 'Add Text' area to reply.

  • Delete a message Tap and hold on the desired message. When the menu pops out, select 'Delete'.

Home Screen

  • Add an item to the home screen Tap and hold on a vacant area on the home screen. A menu will appears and from this you can select 'Shortcut', 'Widget' or 'Folder'. Tap and create the desired shortcut.

  • Change folder name When on the home screen, tap the folder to open it. Tap and hold the title bar of the folder window. Edit and enter the new folder name. After completed, tap 'OK'.

  • Remove an icon from the home screen Tap and hold the icon that you wish to remove. Slide the icon to the trash can ('Remove') at the bottom of the screen.

  • Personalize home screen with scenes From the home screen, select the 'Personalize' button. Tap 'Skin' and swipe left or right to select a skin. When you have your desired skin, press 'Apply'.

  • Set a picture as wallpaper Choose the 'All Apps' menu from the home screen. Select 'Gallery' and choose the desired picture. Press the menu key and select 'Set as'. Tap 'Wallpaper', select the desired area to display and tap 'Save'.

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