1. Importing Contacts from SIM Card - When you import contacts from your SIM card, they're automatically synced to your Windows Live account. They won't be deleted from the SIM card. If you haven't set up a Windows Live account, your contacts are saved to the memory. To do this, select the 'People' option on the Start screen. Tap the '…' button > settings > import SIM contacts.

2. Merging Contact Profiles – In the 'People' section, you might have two or more versions of the same contact. This is usually because you have the contact's profile on different social network or email accounts. In most cases, your phone will combine contact profiles automatically. For those that are not combined, you can link them manually. Tap a contact that has one or more entries and select the link button (looks like a chain). You can either use the suggested merge based on the phone's recommendation or you can choose a contact and then tap the duplicate entries to merge.

3. Creating Contact Groups - Groups help you cut through social networking clutter to stay in touch with the people who matter most. When you create a group, it shows up at the top of your contact list. Tap it, and you'll see the group members and their social networking updates, along
with options for group email, texting, and chat. When on the Start screen, tap 'People'. In the contacts lists, click the add button. Tap the 'new group' option and enter a group name. Tap 'add contact' and then choose a contact and repeat as necessary. When you are done, tap the save button.

4. Post to Social Networks - You can post messages to your social networks by going to the Start screen and tapping the 'Me' widget. Tap 'post a message' and then type your message. If you have multiple social networking accounts on the phone, you will be prompted to select which one after attempting to post the message.

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