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    i have a ppc6800sp the service is sprint .i bought it from a guy at the sweetmeat. i've never had a cell phone befor . i have a usb cord and i want to know a couple things 1.can my phone run windows 7 mobile,and if yes is it a rom i would use .where can i go to find this stuff out 2. can i use the cord to access the internet 3.can i use the bluetooth to use the internet.4.or mabe the wifi 4 the internet, without service, through my cable connection (time warener) with my computer.

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    Re: HTC PPC6800: a newbees needs help

    1. View a few Youtube reviews/ tips and tricks videos on your phone
    2. USB cord is for charging and or data transfer
    3. Bluetooth is for audio sync to ear peice and or data transfer.
    4. Wifi connection to your Time Warner cable can be accomplished via wireless modem.
    4. PDANet can be used USB or bluetooth to access internet for your pc from the phones internet if functional.

    See here for Sprint Windows 7 phone:
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