Use a Preset Scene

HTC Sensation 4G features preset scenes, each pre-configured with a different wallpaper and collection of widgets that reflect different moments in your life. You can choose a scene that is suitable for work, play, travel, or your social life. From the Home screen, tap 'Appearance >Scene'. Slide your finger on the screen from right to left to select the scene you want. Tap 'Apply' to select the desired scene.

Create a New Scene

You’ll start with an empty Home screen when you create a new scene. From the Home screen, tap 'Appearance > Scene'. Press the settings icon and then tap 'New'. Enter a new scene name, then tap 'Done'. Personalize the scene by adding widgets and other elements, arranging the Home screen layout, and changing the skin or wallpaper. All of your changes will be automatically saved to this scene.

Changing Wallpaper

Personalizing your wallpaper with your favorite photo is a quick and easy way to give HTC Sensation 4G a fresh look. Browse the collection of wallpapers included in HTC Sensation 4G or choose from photos that you have taken with the camera. You can also change your Home screen to use an animated wallpaper. From the Home screen, tap 'Appearance > Wallpaper'. Then tap one of the following: HTC Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers or Gallery. HTC Wallpapers are the preset wallpapers that come with the phone. Live Wallpapers are either pre-set or downloaded wallpapers that are animated (drains battery life, use with discretion). Gallery gives you the option to add photos taken with your HTC Sensation 4G to your wallpaper.

Personalizing Home Screen with Widgets

Widgets put at-a-glance important information and media content up front on your Home screen. Some widgets are already added to your Home screen for your convenience. You can add more from the available selections of widgets. To add widgets to the Home screen, tap 'Appearance > Widget'. Select a widget you would like to use and then select 'Done'. The selected widget will now appear on the Home screen.

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