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    The Interface of Sense 4.0 is Good as shown in pics. Let's now see pictures:
    Images: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_tall_htc-endeavor-supreme-18.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_tall_htc-endeavor-supreme-14.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_tall_htc-endeavor-supreme-16.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_550_htc-endeavor-supreme-9.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_550_htc-endeavor-supreme-3.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_550_htc-endeavor-supreme-21.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_550_htc-endeavor-supreme-1.jpgImages: HTC sense 4.0-thumb_550_htc-endeavor-supreme-10.jpg

    Source: GoAndroid

    See More: Images: HTC sense 4.0
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