How-To: Take a picture or video with your HTC Vivid.

  • Tap the "Camera" icon found on your home screen.

  • For taking pictures, after accessing the "Camera Menu" wait for the camera to focus in order to prevent taking blurry pictures, then tap the "Shutter" icon found on the bottom of the screen. In order to use the camera zoom when taking pictures, either tap, hold and slide the bar at the top of the screen, or use the volume buttons at the side of you HTC Vivid.

  • For taking videos, follow the same steps mentioned above but before taping on "Shutter", tap the "Video" icon found on the right-bottom corner of your screen. The "Shutter" icon will now be replaced by a "Record" button. Tap "Record" whenever you are ready to start recording, and press the button again when you want the video recording process to stop.

How-To: View your photos or videos on your HTC Vivid.

  • On the Home screen tap the "All apps" button found at the left-bottom corner of the screen.

  • While in the "All apps" menu, flick the screen up and tap the "Gallery" icon. Once in the "Gallery" you can tap on either "All photos" or "All videos" in order to view the desired items.

How-To: Set a photo as your Home screen background.
  • Access the "Gallery" by following the same steps as before, tap on a desired photo album, browse through your pictures and tap on the picture you wish to use as a background for your Home screen.

  • Once the desired photo is selected, press the "Menu" sensitive button on your device. A new sub-menu should now appear on the screen.

  • Tap on the "Set as" icon and select "Wallpaper" from the list.

  • Crop the area of the photo which you desire to be used as a background then tap the "Save" button. Press "Home" and enjoy your new background picture.

How-To: Share photos or videos on Facebook on your HTC Vivid.

  • Tap the "All apps" button on your home screen and access the "Gallery"

  • Access the photo/video album in which the desired file is found and tap on the "Share" icon found at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

  • Tap on the Facebook icon and select the file you wish to share with others.

  • Enter your Facebook Email address and password, tap "Login" and then tap "Finish" in order for Facebook to sync your contacts.

  • Flick the screen up and edit the caption field if you desire, then tap the "Upload" button.

  • Done! Press the "Back" then "Home" sensitive buttons at a time in order to get back to your Home screen.

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