Setting Up ActiveSync on Windows XP

The Getting Started Disc that comes with your device contains Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or later. Follow the steps in this section to install and set up ActiveSync on Windows XP or other compatible Windows systems. For a list of compatible Windows systems, please go to Windows Phone | Cell Phones, Mobile Downloads, Mobile Apps, and More | Windows Phone 7.

Install ActiveSync

1. Insert the Getting Started Disc into the disc drive on your PC.
2. ActiveSync is available in English and several other languages. Select the desired language then click Next.
3. Click Setup and Installation.
4. Select the ActiveSync check box and click Install.
5. Read the license terms and click Accept.
6. When installation is complete, click Done.
7. On the Getting Started with Windows Mobile screen, click Close.

Set up synchronization

Follow the steps below to set up a synchronization partnership.
1. Connect your device to your PC. The Synchronization Setup Wizard automatically starts and guides you to create a synchronization partnership. Click Next to proceed.
2. To synchronize your device with your PC, clear the Synchronize directly with a server running Microsoft Exchange check box then click Next.
3. Select the information types that you want to synchronize then click Next.
4. Select or clear the Allow wireless data connections check box according to your preference.
5. Click Finish.

When you finish the wizard, ActiveSync synchronizes your device automatically. Notice that Outlook e-mails and other information will appear on your device after synchronization.

Start and stop synchronization

You can manually synchronize either from your device or PC.

From your device

1. Tap Start > Programs > ActiveSync.
2. Tap Sync.
To end synchronization before it completes, tap Stop. To delete a partnership with one PC completely, tap Menu > Options, tap the computer name, then tap Delete. Your device must not be connected to
the PC for this option to be available.

From Windows Mobile Device Center

1. Click Start > All Programs > Windows Mobile Device Center.
2. Click the Refresh button at the lower left of the Windows Mobile Device Center.
To end synchronization before it completes, click the 'X' button. From ActiveSync on your PC When you connect your device to your PC, ActiveSync automatically opens on your PC and synchronizes.
• To manually start synchronization, click the Refresh button.
• To end synchronization before it completes, click the 'X' button.

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