The HTC Hub application found on your HTC Titan 2 can provide detailed information about weather forecast.

How-To: Access weather forecast on Your HTC Titan 2

1. From the Start screen press the arrow shaped icon found at the top-right corner of the screen.
2. Select "HTC Hub". From this screen you will be able to see the weather clock for your current location as well as additional information regarding the weather condition in several other cities.
3. Tap the weather clock in order to access the "Weather screen". Here you can see detailed weather forecast for your current location. If you wish to see detailed weather information for another area, tap the desired city to check its weather forecast.
4. While on the "Weather screen" you can check hourly weather, check weather forecast for the upcoming days or view the weather screen in "full screen" mode.

NOTE*: To refresh the "Weather screen" press the "Menu" icon depicted as "" then select "refresh".
NOTE**: In case you're not being able to see the weather forecast for your current location go to the Start screen > Settings > Location and enable "Local services".

How-To: Add a City on Your Weather Screen.

1. If you wish to see the full list of cities, scroll down the "Weather clock" screen found in the HTC Hub app.
2. To add a new city tap the "Add" icon depicted as a "+" symbol.
3. Type in the name of the desired city or country.
4. Select the city/country you wish to add from the list and you're newly added region should now be available on the "Weather clock" screen.

How-To: Change the Display Order of The Cities.

1. While on the "Weather clock" screen tap the "Menu" icon depicted as "".
2. Select "edit".
3. Tap and hold the highlight button found at the end of the city/location you wish to move.
4. Once the item is highlighted drag it to a new location and tap "Done".

How-To: Delete Cities From the Weather Clock Menu.

1. Tap the "Menu" button found on your "Weather clock" screen and select "edit".
2. Tap the cities you wish to delete from the list.
3. Once you're done selecting the cities press "Done" to delete them.

How-To: Change the Weather app settings.

1. Tap the "Weather clock" to access the "Weather" screen.
2. Press the "Menu" icon and select "settings".
3. In the settings menu you'll find several options to choose from, for example whether or not to show the temperature scale in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Tune up the settings at your leisure then press the "Back" sensitive key on your device to apply the changes and return to the "Weather" screen.

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