How-To: Access the "Stock" Screen in Order to Get the Latest Stock Quotes and Market Indices Updates.

1. Tap the arrow shaped icon found at the top-right corner of the Start screen.
2. Select "HTC Hub".
3. Swipe the screen to the left in order to access the "Stock" screen.
4. From the "Stock" screen you can flick the screen up or down in order to browse between the stocks you're following.
5. Select a desired item in order to access the stock's trade detailed information as well as price chart for the current day.
6. Additionally you can select another period if you wish to see the stock's previous trade information.

How-To: Follow a Stock Quote or Index Directly From Your Start Screen.

1. In order to pin the stock quote or index to your Start screen press the arrow shaped icon found at the top-right corner of the Start screen, go to HTC Hub and access the "Stocks" panel.
2. Press and hold the desired stock quote or index then select "pin to start". A new tile should now be found on the Start screen of your HTC Titan 2.

How-To: Add a Stock Quote or Stock Market Index.

1. Access the "Stock" screen as described above.
2. Press the "add" button depicted as a "+" symbol.
3. Type in a market index or stock quote then press the "Search" button.
4. A list of results matching your search criteria should now appear on the screen. Tap the item you wish to add.

How-To: Rearrange the Stock List.

1. From the "Stock" screen press the "Menu" icon depicted as "", then select "edit".
2. Tap and hold the highlight icon corresponding to the item you wish to move.
3. After the item has been highlighted drag it in the desired location then press "Done".

How-To: Delete Indices or Stock Quotes.

1. From the "Stock" screen press "Menu".
2. Tap the stock quotes or indexes you wish to delete from the stock screen.
3. Press "Done" when ready.

How-To: Change the Stock Screen Settings.

1. Press the "Menu" icon whilst on the "Stock" screen.
2. Select "Settings".
3. Change the color for displaying stock price and other options as you desire.
4. Once all the necessary changes have been made, press the "Back" sensitive button on your HTC Titan 2 to apply the new settings and go back to the "Stock" screen.

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