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    Download and Install Updates

    You can set your smartphone to check for updates and notify you when thereís a new update available. Additionally, you can set it to also automatically download the updates.

    1. From the Start screen, swipe to left.
    2. Scroll down to Settings.
    3. Tap phone update.
    4. Tap to check Tell me when updates are available for my phone.
    5. Now you should choose if you want to allow your phone to download updates automatically. If you choose to disable this option, the updates will be downloaded only when your handset is connected to Wi-Fi or to your computer.

    Prepare for a Software Update

    Before making a software update you should prepare your device so as it will run smoothly and without interruptions.

    • Check your battery. If itís low, charge your phone before you start the update.
    • Make sure you have enough free space on your phone, and, if necessary, make room for the update.

    Note: To quickly access the phone storage you have to: from the Start screen, swipe left -> tap Settings -> tap phone storage. This will show you the used and available phone storage.

    ē Another important aspect is to make sure your smarphone is set to the correct date and time, as this will determine which updates you will need.

    Installing an Update

    Once you see a notification that thereís an update available, you can start updating your smartphone right away. However, if you donít want to update it on spot, you can dismiss the notification and update another time. You will be reminded about this again in a couple of days.

    Correcting the Date and Time

    In case youíre having problems installing the update, it is possible the phone was doesnít have the correct date and time. Usually, the date and time is set automatically, but you can set it manually in case isnít.

    1. First off, disconnect your HTC 8X from the computer.
    2. From the Start screen, swipe left.
    3. Scroll down to Settings.
    4. Tap date+time.
    5. Now turn off Set automatically and make the correct changes to zone, date and time.
    6. You can now reconnect your smartphone to the computer and retry to install the update.

    To Perform a Factory Reset

    A factory reset (also called hard reset) will change your smartphone back to its original state, of when you first turned the device on.
    In case youíre giving the phone to another person or the device has some issue that canít be solved, you can try performing the factory reset.
    Keep in mind, however, that all your data and customized settings will be deleted and it will also remove any app that you may have downloaded and installed. Thus, itís recommended that you back-up your data before performing a factory reset.

    1. From the Start screen, swipe left.
    2. Scroll down to Settings.
    3. Tap about.
    4. Tap reset your phone and choose yes.

    To Perform a Master/Factory Reset via Hardware

    If you canít access the settings of your smartphone or canít even turn it on, you can perform the reset using the buttons of the handset.

    1. Turn the phone off.
    2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and then briefly press the Power button.
    3. When you see an icon on the screen, release the Volume Down button.
    4. Now press Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Power -> Volume Down.

    See More: Update and Hard Reset Your HTC Windows Phone 8X/ HTX 8X
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    Re: Update and Hard Reset Your HTC Windows Phone 8X/ HTX 8X

    Thanks Liana. For this helpful post...!!!
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    Re: Update and Hard Reset Your HTC Windows Phone 8X/ HTX 8X

    What should my Phone settings be in order to receive an send picture messages

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    Re: Update and Hard Reset Your HTC Windows Phone 8X/ HTX 8X

    Did not help just keeps doing the same thing.

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