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    Taking a Photo

    1. Open the Camera app.
    2. And make the desired camera settings: you can enable or disable flash, or switch to the front-facing camera in case you want to take an auto- portrait. You can also tap the menu icon -> then photo settings to choose a different resolution.
    3. Before taking the photo, you can zoom in or out.
    4. When ready, hold the phone steady - hold it vertically for a portrait view or horizontally for a landscape view.
    5. Finally, to take the photo you should press the Camera button halfway down to focus –> then press the button all the way down to take the picture.

    Note: Tap the point on the screen that you want to focus your camera, otherwise the camera will auto-focus on whatever is in the center of the screen.

    6. All the photos you take will be saved in the album named Camera Roll, located in the Photos hub.

    Recording a Video

    You can record your videos in the portrait or landscape orientation. However it is recommended that you record the video in landscape.

    1. Open the Camera app.
    2. Tap the video camera icon to switch to video mode.
    3. Make the video settings before you start recording. You can set the video light to be on or off during your recording, switch to the front facing camera and select the video resolution by tapping the menu icon -> video settings.
    4. Remember to zoom in or out, as desired before you start recording.
    5. To start recording, press the Camera button.
    6. To stop recording, press the Camera button once more.
    7. Your video records will be saved in the album named Camera Roll, located in the Photos hub.

    View and Edit Your Photos

    After you took a picture or video, you can see it without having to leave the camera app and you can easily share it on a social network or upload it to SkyDrive.

    1. To view the photo that you took last, while on the Viewfinder slide your finder on the screen.
    2. You can pinch or double-tap a photo to zoom in and out.
    3. If you want to see what you can do with your video or photo, tap the menu icon. This will open a set of options, such as sharing and editing options.
    4. If you want to change to the filmstrip view, just pinch in the screen. Now you can browse through your photos and videos by flicking left or right.
    5. In case you want to continue taking pictures or recording videos, just slide your finger to left if you’re holding the phone horizontally, or slide your finger up if you’re holding it vertically, until you’re back to the Viewfinder screen.

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    Re: Take Photos and Record Videos with Your HTC Windows Phone 8X/ HTC 8X

    No one can beat the camera of Lumia 920 . but HTC 8X camera is pretty good as well

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