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    Setting Data Limits

    1. From the Start screen, slide right to the Apps screen.
    2. Select Data Sense from the list. If prompted, follow the onscreen settings.
    3. Tap set limit.
    4. Tap limit type and select the limit type you prefer.
    5. Next you should tap Monthly reset date.
    6. Select the day of the month when you want your data cycle to reset.
    7. Then tap Monthly data field and enter the data limit that you want to set.
    8. Finally, tap the Checked icon.

    Merging Contacts

    It’s possible that you have two or more versions of the same contact, because you have the profile of the contact on different email accounts or social networks. Normally, your HTC 8X will combine those contact profiles by itself, but in case you still have contacts that are not combined, you can easily link them manually.

    1. In the all contacts list – tap one of the contacts that has duplicates entries.
    2. Then tap the link icon.
    3. Now you can either:
    • link the contact with one of the contacts under suggested links (in some cases this may not be available)
    • tap to choose a contact and after that look for the one it’s liked to and tap it.

    Unlinking the Contacts

    1. In the all contacts list – tap the desired contact.
    2. Now tap the link icon showing the number of links.
    3. Under linked profiles select the contact that you want to unlink.
    4. Tap unlink.

    Creating a Document in Office

    1. From the Start screen, slide your finger right to the Apps screen.
    2. Tap Office.
    3. Tap the plus sign (+).
    4. Select the type of document that you want to create.
    5. Compose your document.
    6. If you want to change the color of the font, tap the format icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    7. Under font color – select the color that you want to use.

    Using the HTC Live Tile

    1. Tap the HTC Live Tile while on the Start screen.
    2. In case this is your first time using HTC Live, you will see a prompt asking your permission to enable certain features that will make use of your location – tap allow.
    3. To view the stock screen – swipe right.
    4. To view the news screen – swipe right one more time.
    5. To return to the weather screen – swipe right again.
    6. To return to the Start screen, press the Windows key – your HTC Live should now be active.

    Finding Wi-Fi Hotspots in Maps

    1. From the Start screen, tap Maps.
    2. Then tap the Menu key.
    3. Now tap show nearby Wi-Fi.

    Note: Maps will show the nearby Wi-Fi connections and will eliminate guessing where the hotspots are.

    Taking a Screenshot

    To take a screenshot you only need to press both the Power key and the Windows key at the same time.

    See More: Tips and Tricks for the HTC Windows Phone 8X/ HTC 8X
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