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    If you want to know how the weather’s going to be like just before you start the day, Google Now is the perfect option for you! Based on your location, previous Google searches as well as time of day, Google Now will display information cards that range from today’s weather and the weather forecast for the next days, to notifications regarding the arrival of the next train or bus at your bus stop or even the traffic conditions on your usual route to your work and home address.

    Setting up Google Now

    To set up Google Now you need to sign in into your Google account. You also need an Internet connection available and have the location services turned on.
    1. Open the Google app or press and hold the Home key .
    2. You’ll then see some examples of Google Now info cards -> just tap Next until you see the Get Google Now! screen.
    3. Then tap Yes, I’m in. The Google Now info cards will appear on the Google search screen from now on

    As you use your HTC First to search the web, more info cards will appear based on your searches.

    Changing Card Settings

    To better suit your needs and information, customize the settings of Google Now. You can for example change the home and/or work address in the Traffic card. You can also change the time of the day when the Weather information card appears or even keep an information card from appear on the search screen.
    1. Open the Google app or press and hold the Home key.
    2. Then press the Menu key and tap Settings -> touch Google Now.
    3. Select the information card you’d like to customize.
    4. Tap the card setting and then change it to match your preferences.
    5. If you want to hide a certain card -> tap the On/Off switch located next to the card name.
    6. To save the new settings -> press the Back key and return to the previous screen.

    Turning Off Google Now

    Don’t find Google Now very useful? Then turn it off!
    1. Open the Google app or press and hold the Home key.
    2. Then press the Menu key -> tap Settings -> tap Google Now.
    3. Tap the On/Off switch located next to Google Now to turn it off

    See More: HTC First: Set Up and Use Google Now

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