Making a Call Using Smart Dial:

Smart Dial searches for stored / synced contacts and your call history so that you can quickly place calls

  1. While viewing the Home screen, tap the "Phone" icon
  2. Start typing the desired phone number or the first letters of the contact's name
  3. In the list that appears, tap a contact to place a call
  4. To hang up, tap "End Call"

Assigning a Speed Dial Key:

  1. Tap the "Phone" icon located on the home screen
  2. Press the "menu" icon depicted as three vertical dots
  3. Tap "Speed dial"
  4. Press the "+" icon and select the desired contact from your contacts list
  5. While viewing the "Speed dial" screen, select the phone number that you wish to use and then assign a speed dial key
  6. Tap "Save"

Actions You Can Perform During a Call

Putting a Call on Hold:

  1. While in a phone call, tap the "menu" button
  2. Tap "Hold"
  3. To resume the call, tap "menu" and select "Unhold"

Switching Between Calls:

If you are receiving a call while in another call, you can switch between the calls:

  1. Tap "Answer" when receiving the second call
  2. To switch between the calls, tap the person that you wish to talk to

Setting Up a Conference Call:

  1. Make the first phone call
  2. When connected, press the "menu" icon and tap "Add call"
  3. Dial the phone number of the second participant. (Note: the first call will be put on hold)
  4. When connected to the second call, tap the "merge" icon depicted as an arrow pointing upwards
  5. To add another participant tap the "Phone +" icon and dial the number
  6. When connected, tap the "merge" icon again
  7. If you wish to talk to one person from the conference in private, tap the button depicting a triangle pointing down and tap "Private call". To end the private call, tap the button again and press "Finish this call"
  8. To end the conference call, tap "End Call"

Adding an internet Calling Account:

Internet calling allows you to place online calls while connected to a Wi-Fi network. NOTE: Before making an internet calling account, you will need to register with an Internet Calling service that supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). To add an internet calling account:

  1. Open the Notifications panel by swiping down on the screen
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Press "Call"
  4. Under "Internet call settings", tap "Accounts" > "Add account"
  5. Type in your account details
  6. Tap "menu" then press "Save"

Call History Management

Returning a Missed Call:

  1. Open the Notifications panel to check the missed call
  2. Tap the missed call notification
  3. Tap the caller's name or phone number on the "Call History" screen

Checking Calls in the Call History:

  1. While viewing the home screen, tap the "Phone" icon
  2. Tap the "menu" icon and press "Call History"
  3. In the Call History screen you can:

    • Tap a name or number to call
    • Press and hold a number or name to display the options menu
    • Tap the "Phone-clock" icon to view the history for one particular contact
    • Tap "menu" > "View" to filter a particular type of call, like outgoing or missed

Adding a New Phone Number from the Call History:

  1. In the "Call History" screen, tap and hold the desired phone number
  2. Tap "Save to People"
  3. Select whether you wish to create a new contact or save the number to an existing contact

Clearing the Call History List:

You can clear the history list from the "Call History" screen by performing one of the following steps:

  • To clear one name or number: tap and hold the number then tap "Delete from call history"
  • Clear the entire list: Tap "menu" > "Remove call history" > "Select all" > "Delete"

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